CS-901 Spiral Mixer




220V,240V / 50,60HZ / 1PH

 Horse Power

1 1/2 HP

 Mixing bowl capacity


 Mixing weight of flour 2-6kg (Water contained percentage) 
 Dimension 74(D)× 40(W)× 98(H)cm
 Machine  weight


Designed meticulously for space saving, small quantity of varying bakeries, and showing in the bakery shop.

Safety design of cutting off electricity automatically in case the safety guard net was lifted up.
REVERSE: This function to mix up the flour and water quickly when the mixing is started.
Please go back to the normal operation direction after mixing up.
Stainless steel material.
Spiral mixing hook makes the kneading time shorter.
Anti-dust seal designed for preventing the damage of the bearing.
The rim of the stainless bowl is flap and easy for cleaning.
2 speeds for selection.
2 idle wheels designed for more stability of the turning bowl and bearing.
Timer for setting kneading time.

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